Engineering | Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment



Advanced Cementitious Materials Research Laboratory ISTB2 – 271 Narayanan Neithalath
Advanced Pavement Laboratory ISTB2 – 185 Kamil Kaloush, Michael Mamlouk
Cement and Concrete Materials Laboratory ISTB2 – 175 Narayanan Neithalath  
E.M. Hoque Geotechnical Laboratory ISTB2 – 145 Ed Kavazanjian
Environmental Engineering (Research – Biodesign)  BDA Bruce Rittmann, Rolf Halden, Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown, Anca Delgado
Environmental Microbiology Laboratory ISTB4 – 321 Morteza Abbaszadegan, Peter Fox

Emerging Contaminant and Nanomaterial Laboratory

ISTB4 – 313 Francois Perreault, Otakuye Conroy-Ben
Center for Environmental Security ISTB4 – 421 Rolf Halden
ISTB2 – Support Building (Materials Storage and Sample Preparation Area) ISTB2 – 101, 103, 107 Jeff Long, Peter Goguen
ISTB2 – Basement Area ISTB2 – BASEMENT Jeff Long, Peter Goguen
SMART Materials laboratory ISTB2 – 265 Kamil Kaloush
Structures Laboratory ISTB2 – 155, 155A Barzin Mobasher, Subby Rajan
Process Engineering and Field Preparation High Bay Lab ISTB4 – 145 Peter Fox, Rolf Halden, Paul JohnsonZhihua Wang, Paul Westerhoff
Instrumentation Laboratory for Sustainable Water Initiative ISTB4 – 313D Paul Westerhoff, Trevor Boyer, Peter Fox
Water and Sustainability Lab ISTB4 – 305 Paul WesterhoffTrevor Boyer, Peter Fox
UNSAT Geotechnical Laboratory ISTB2 – 161 Sandra Houston, Claudia Zapata, Chris Lawrence
Geotechnical Laboratory ISTB2 – 115 Leon van Paasen

Center for Bio-mediated & Bio-inspired Geotechnics

ECD 123 Leon van PaasenEd Kavazanjian

Center for Negative Carbon Emissions

 ISTB4-455, ECA-128  Klaus Lackner