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Engineering  |  School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment
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Environmental engineering ranked #10 globally

ASU’s environmental engineering program ranked 10th globally in the annual Global Ranking of Academic Subjects, outperforming Princeton, the University of Colorado at Boulder and Yale University


Algae engineering: stepping stone to sustainable solutions

Research at the Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation, or AzCATI, is laying groundwork for algae-based technologies and systems to provide cleaner fuels, efficient wastewater treatment, environmental restoration and renewable chemical feedstocks.

Neithalath awarded $2 million to recast concrete construction

Narayanan Neithalath and four colleagues have been granted $2 million from the National Science Foundation to foster collaboration around 3D concrete printing research across more than a dozen countries.

FORTA Professorship to expand ASU pavement engineering research

Growing support from a major corporation in the synthetic reinforcement fibers industry will boost Fulton Schools pavement improvement pursuits.

ASU center recognizes local leaders in sustainable infrastructure

The Arizona Department of Transportation and Gannett Fleming, Inc. won awards from the Metis Center at ASU for optimizing highway water pump maintenance and constructing the second phase of the Sky Train at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport


What is “Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment”?

Sustainable engineering is a revolutionary approach to engineering that

  • Focuses on the long-lasting improvement of the human condition;
  • Recognizes the connections between infrastructure and the human and natural systems; and
  • Designs and constructs complex systems by considering environmental impacts, life-cycle assessment, and risk and uncertainty, along with technical and economic effectiveness.

The built environment includes society’s physical infrastructure and integrated systems that create the conditions for sustained health, prosperity and social well-being.

Involvement with the built environment generally includes the initiation of projects or programs through planning, design, construction, operations and decommissioning; the so-called “life-cycle” of the endeavor.

Learn about our programs

Civil, environmental and sustainable engineering

Inspiring the next generation, ASU’s civil engineering curriculum sharpens your technical problem solving skills and frees your imagination to revolutionize current design principles into cutting-edge “green” engineering solutions.

Construction management and technology

ASU’s construction management curriculum provides the core principles of design, cost estimation, and planning. You will be prepared to direct the entire building process or guide the maintenance, operation, renovation, or decommissioning of existing facilities.

Construction Engineering

One of the leading programs nationwide, ASU’s construction engineering curriculum combines the design principles of civil engineering with the business knowledge of construction management.

Environmental Engineering

The environmental engineering BSE degree program will focus on the engineered processes and systems that preserve, protect and restore the natural environment for benefits to human health and ecosystem services.