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This page is for Environmental Engineering undergraduate students that want to receive academic credit for their work experiences to satisfy their degree requirements.

The EVE 484 Internship is a degree requirement for undergraduate students.  Timing of the internship is structured for summer session (see your Major Map in MyASU).  Course registration is required as well as course payment.  The internship experience (320 work-hours) must be in the semester in which you are registered.  Students pursuing an unpaid internship, outside of ASU, will need to check to see if there is an Unpaid Student Placement Agreement (SPA) is on file.  If not, an SPA will be needed in addition to the DocuSign submission.

EVE 484 – Internship Summer 2024

EVE 484 is the internship course for environmental engineering students as part of the undergraduate curricular requirement.  Internship experiences are intended for summer.

  1. EVE 484 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – PDF
    • Be sure to have a copy of your offer letter or offer email ready to upload to the Adobe Sign agreement. 
    • Save a copy of the agreement once you start the process so that you don’t create multiple versions and your content will not be lost to time-out.
    • Internship Course Application Packet (Domestic & International Students) – Adobe Sign (Link to Agreement) 
    • What’s in the Adobe Sign Agreement?  See a PDF copy of the agreement that is completed through Adobe Sign – PDF
    • F1 Visa Students that need CPT, If you are negotiating for Summer 2024 be sure to read through this helpful guide to when you can work and timing for registering for the course and CPT – PDF. 

  2. Course Syllabus:

F-1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is a type of off-campus employment authorization for F-1 visa students. If you have an internship offer or you are thinking about completing an internship during your program at ASU please use this page as a guide. To be eligible for CPT you must have maintained F-1 status for a minimum of one academic year (two consecutive semesters) and meet all eligibility requirements. For eligibility requirements read through the SSEBE CPT Internship Guide for your program and the ISSC website.

SSEBE support for F-1 Visa CPT: School of Sustainable Engineering – CPT  2023-24  Academic Year

ASU’s CPT reference page: https://issc.asu.edu/f-1j-1-students/employment/f1-cpt 

If you are utilizing the internship to qualify for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) through ISSC you will be responsible for familiarizing yourself with ISSC CPT requirements and facilitating the paperwork.

SSEBE’s Renege Policy

Renege – (verb) To go back on a promise, undertaking, or contract.  Students should never accept a job with the intention of turning it down if “something better” comes along. Not only is it inconsiderate and unprofessional, it also reflects poorly on Arizona State University and might negatively impact future ASU student opportunities with that employer. Also, employers communicate with each other and you will likely damage your reputation.

After you have given your decision careful consideration and accepted an offer, stop looking. Inform other employers who have extended offers that you have accepted another position. Don’t accept additional interviews or job solicitations. Please refer to NACE’s Playing Fair…Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Job Seeker http://www.naceweb.org/playing_fair/ to become familiar with Principles for Professional Practice.

Students who renege on a job offer will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Reneging is grounds for exclusion from CPT and requests for switching employers will not be considered or processed.

Academic Integrity Policy

Any student who has a sanctioned academic integrity violation is NOT eligible for counting the internship experience in their iPOS.  Also, students found to be misrepresenting circumstances regarding employment or knowingly misleading faculty and staff regarding employment will have not have their CPT paperwork processed.

Questions regarding internships please contact:

Matthew Eicher, PhD
Assistant Director for Student Development & Outreach
Arizona State University
Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
School of Sustainable Engineering & the Built Environment

480-727-6474 | [email protected] | LinkedIn