Structures and materials

Welcome to the structures and materials program in the Civil, environmental and sustainable engineering (CESE) program in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment. The structures and materials program encompasses a multitude of areas such as structural analysis and design, steel and concrete structures, timber and masonry structures, matrix and computer methods, buildings, bridges and dams, power plant design, wind analysis and design, finite element method, earthquake analysis and design, stability of structures, nonlinear structural analysis, structural failure, prestressed concrete structures, lifeline analysis and design, applied optimal design, probabilistic methods, structural dynamics, composite materials, stress analysis, cement based materials, experimental methods etc.

Recent graduates have been employed in a variety of different organizations and companies both in the private and the public sector. Job opportunities include small and large consulting firms that deal with structural analysis and design, federal agencies and laboratories such as Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Bureau of Reclamation (BUREC), Corps of Engineers, Air Force, Army, Navy, NASA, U.S.Geological Society, Sandia Labs etc., state agencies such as Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), county and city engineering offices etc., large companies such as Shell Oil, Boeing, Honeywell, Motorola, Intel, Ford, General Motors etc. and small companies that deal with structural problems. As can be seen by the list, the employment and career opportunities span the spectrum and are not limited to certain specialty government agencies or private sectors, or to certain geographical regions.


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