Construction Management (MS/PhD)

Degree options

  • Construction management and technology, MS
  • Construction management, PhD

Construction management professionals combine knowledge of innovative technologies, construction principles and business management to lead a wide variety of construction projects from residential and commercial buildings to infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges and large facilities.

Our program teaches you to organize, lead and manage the building process. With new technologies and opportunities, construction executives have great responsibilities that impact lives daily through the built environment.

The Construction Management program at ASU began over 50 years ago to serve the construction industry of Arizona and the Southwest. In addition to being part of a highly-regarded degree program, you will benefit from our established ties to industry, a strong alumni network, access to internships and professional student organizations.

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Our graduates pursue a wide variety of careers in construction companies such as project managers, estimators, planners, schedulers and project engineers, or work for owners/developers such as facility or project managers.

We are rewriting the way educational programs incorporate sustainable engineering planning, design and construction processes. Our unique blend of civil and environmental, construction engineering and construction management programs—coupled with a focus on sustainable engineering—enables us to train students who can impact the entire lifecycle of the built environment, from planning to design to construction.

Pursuing an advanced degree with us, you can:

  • analyze complex urban systems that involve quantification of risk and uncertainty in engineering design and construction
  • develop green technologies from novel materials, biotechnological approaches to carbon and nitrogen cycle management and design for disassembly of urban infrastructure
  • apply sustainable practices in all areas of urban infrastructure through partnerships with industry and municipal governments—water resources and treatment, geotechnical management, transportation materials and analysis of transportation systems, novel composite materials, green building techniques, building information modeling and computational approaches to design

Graduate degrees

Finish two degrees faster by combining advanced undergraduate and graduate coursework during your senior year as part of the Accelerated Master’s program.

Graduate Applications

Priority applications dates for our PhD programs: July 1 for spring semester admission
January 1 for fall semester admission

Master’s degree applicants must apply by
March 1 for fall semester
October 1 for spring semester

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Online applications are made through ASU’s Graduate College and not directly to the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment.

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Teaching and Research Assistantships

Construction Management Programs

The graduate degree programs at Del E. Webb School of Construction (DEWSC) offer opportunities for study beyond the bachelor’s degree in one of two areas: construction management or facility management. Studies may lead to the degrees of Master of Science (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). If an admitted student does not have an undergraduate degree in construction or facility management, they may be assigned deficiency courses specific to their specialty area. Students must earn a grade of “B” or better in each deficiency course.

MS Construction Management & Technology Manual

Graduate study, particularly that leading to the PhD, has as a goal of ensuring independent scholarship, originality, and competence in research. Research opportunities are available in a broad spectrum of subjects encompassing traditional as well as new specialties. The DEWSC faculty is engaged in significant research in the following areas:

  • Alternative project delivery methods
  • Front end planning
  • Asset management
  • Cleanroom construction
  • Computer applications in construction
  • Concrete construction
  • Facilities Administration
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Building Energy Management
  • Leadership and management
  • Trenchless construction methods
  • Performance information procurement systems
  • Productivity
  • Residential construction
  • Safety and risk
  • Sustainable development

Additional Requirements

The program curriculum expects that Applicants will have a proficiency in the following subjects:  PreCalc Math, Physics, Strength of Materials, Estimating, Scheduling, Contracts, and Computer Applications in Construction.

If an Applicant does not have adequate proficiency in one or more of the aforementioned subjects, the department and university offers courses in which the student can enroll to gain proficiency while concurrently enrolled in and pursuing courses for the graduate degree program.  If necessary, the program chair will determine which proficiencies are required for each Applicant with consideration of their prior degree(s) and relevant work experience.

Degrees offered

Construction Management, MS

Construction Management, PhD

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The Del E. Webb School of Construction’s online Master of Science in construction management is designed to meet the growing need for professionals with advanced technical, management and applied research skills.

With a focus on construction and facility management, this program supports your career goals related to the maintenance, operation, renovation or decommissioning of existing facilities and helps you achieve upper-level management positions in various sectors of the construction industry.

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