Director’s Lecture Series

All times shown are MST (US Arizona), unless noted otherwise.

Year: 2020

Fall 2020

Area Date Speaker Title and Recording
Environmental 9/1/2020 Kirk Craig – Geosyntec What It Takes To Be An Environmental…Then and Now
Recording | Passcode: FK20E*&Q
Construction Management 9/3/2020 Tuyet Jacobson – McCarthy Options are Limitless, Grab the Opportunity!
Recording | Passcode: 4fd=Ms+$
Hydrosystems 9/8/2020 Enrique Vivoni – ASU Urban Parks as Oases during Heat Waves
Recording | Passcode: #%dtT8Ph
Construction Engineering 9/9/2020 Lee O’Connell – McCarthy Doing What You’ve Done is the Easy Button
Recording | Passcode: %6y!kAH3
Geotechnical 9/14/2020 Randy Post – Golder Associates

Forgive Me if I Drone On (Application of Drones for Geotechnical Reconnaissance)
Structures 9/17/2020 Chetan Date – ITT and Honeywell Aerospace
Structural Engineers Do It… All
Sustainable Engineering 9/22/2020 Mikhail Chester – ASU
Infrastructure and the Anthropocene: Sustainable Engineering Leadership
Transportation 9/29/2020 Imad Al-Qadi – UIUC The Future of Transportation Engineering
Recording | Passcode: 7^w&!6mv