Transportation engineering

The ASU transportation engineering program has two general themes: Transportation systems, and Pavements and materials. First, the transportation systems program addresses a broad range of education and research focus areas. Faculty in transportation systems focus on traffic operations and simulation, intelligent transportation technologies, traveler safety and risk, travel behavior, transportation systems simulation, and transportation planning applications. Second, the pavements and materials program addresses pavement analysis and design, pavement performance and management, material testing and characterization, and consideration of developing new and more efficient construction materials, such as asphalt and concrete that are applicable to transportation needs.

Recent graduates have been employed in a variety of different organizations and companies both in the private and the public sector. Job opportunities include academia (tenure track and research faculty positions), small and large consulting firms that deal with transportation systems and pavements, federal agencies such as Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), state agencies such as the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), county and city engineering offices etc., and large companies such as Tetra Tech. Students typically confront employment and career opportunities that span the spectrum and fulfill the needs and desires of our graduates.

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