Creating tomorrow's world

G. Edward Gibson, Jr., Ph.D., P.E.

This is a unique time in history. Both the government and the public are aware of critical infrastructure needs for society. Together, they are willing to invest significant public funds into renovating and creating new public infrastructure. The renovation and innovation ranges from roads for safe and environmentally friendly transportation to buildings to buried pipelines for the distribution of clean water. In order to assure public and private investments meet both our immediate and long-term needs, we must develop a sustainable mindset, innovative project management approaches and technologies that create our future built environment.

From models that simulate complex systems and incorporate emerging knowledge to lifecycle assessments to green buildings and energy systems that protect human health and earth system processes, SSEBE faculty and students are helping to create tomorrow’s world. In the process we are developing the new field of sustainable engineering and construction which incorporates these key elements:

  • Analysis of complex urban systems that involves quantification of risk and uncertainty in engineering design and construction.
  • Development of green technologies from novel materials.
  • Biotechnological approaches to carbon and nitrogen cycle management.
  • And design for disassembly of urban infrastructure.
  • Application of sustainable practices in all areas of urban infrastructure (water resources and treatment, geotechnical management, transportation materials and analysis of transportation systems, novel composite materials, construction “green” building techniques, building information modeling (BIM), and computation approaches to design).
  • Partnerships with industry and municipal governments.

Faculty, staff and students are excited about our vision and the new opportunities SSEBE creates for these—and other—areas at the forefront of the emerging area of sustainable engineering and construction. We hope that you share this vision and invite you to join us as our new school forges ahead.

G. Edward Gibson, Jr., Ph.D., P.E.
Director, School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment

at a glance

  • Research expenditures $7,166,505 (FY2010)
  • Tenured and tenure-track faculty 33
  • Full-time lecturers 5
  • Undergraduate students 938
  • Graduate students 234


our research

Water purification; transportation (safety and materials); construction management; environmental biotechnology; environmental nanotechnology; earth systems engineering; and management; SMART innovations; project performance metrics; underground infrastructure.


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